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Welcome to Houston Card Collector!

Posted by houstoncollector on February 27, 2008

Welcome to Houston Card Collector. Why the name? Well, I was born in Houston, to begin with, and all my life, I’ve been a fan of the professional sports teams in Houston, with special emphasis on the Astros and Oilers, then the Rockets and Texans. I collected baseball cards in the late 80s, although I quit when cards reached the (at the time) astronomical price of $1.00 a pack for Topps, Score, Fleer and Donruss, and more for Upper Deck. If I only knew then what I know now, in our days of $500+ pack prices.

I got back into collecting back in 2006, and picked up both baseball and football. The goal I had in mind was to collect the players I loved, those who were true to Houston and had played the majority of their time there. If someone got traded or left in free agency, odds were I’d drop the player. Yes, it makes for a lot of churn, but also means that I always have someone new to collect and always have new trade bait to play with.

I’m one of the odd people who like base and oddball cards just as much as the autographs and game-used stuff. I do have some very specific ideas on what is wrong with the card industry right now (laziness in player photos, over-use of game-used, especially the white swatches, and over-use of autographs for scrubs), and for the most part I’m going to discuss products, breaks, what I’m collecting and what I’m watching, and anything else that crosses my mind.

Beyond sports cards, I also play poker online, and write for a video game website (Gaming Trend) and like many people, watch TV. I’m a self-admitted geek about a number of things, and will probably write about a number of them as the inspiration strikes me.

So, to start off with, here are the players that I am currently collecting:

Houston Astros
(The Legends)
Nolan Ryan (8,104 cards)
Craig Biggio (3,808 cards)
Mike Scott (298 cards)
Jeff Bagwell (204/6,152 cards)

(The Present)
Brandon Backe (224 cards)
Roy Oswalt (3,127 cards)
Wandy Rodriguez (Eny Cabreja) (29 cards)
Chris Sampson (37 cards)
J.R. Towles (90 cards)
Lance Berkman (3,758 cards)
Michael Bourn (412 cards)
Hunter Pence (528 cards)

(The Possible Future)
Paul Estrada (14 cards)
Mark McLemore (156 cards)
Fernando Nieve (237 cards)
Felipe Paulino (40 cards)
Chad Reineke (22 cards)
Humberto Quintero (63 cards)
Chance Douglass (37 cards)
Jared Gothreaux (136 cards)
Brian Bogusevic (40 cards)
Tip Fairchild (41 cards)
Lou Santangelo (34 cards)
Jonathan Ash (35 cards)
Tommy Manzella (28 cards)
Edwin Maysonet (22 cards)
Todd Self (36 cards)
Josh Flores (33 cards)
Evan Englebrook (39 cards)
Christopher Salamida (45 cards)
Mitch Einertson (103 cards)
Eli Iorg (92 cards)
Max Sapp (77 cards)
Koby Clemens (110 cards)
Pat Osborn (36 cards)
Ole Sheldon (22 cards)
Wladimir Sutil (18 cards)
Ralph Henriquez (23 cards)
Jordan Parraz (37 cards)
James Van Ostrand (25 cards)

(On a Wing and a Prayer) (Also known as those who probably won’t make the team, and only get added to my list when they’re in the system a year or two and look to be staying)
Jack Cassel (4 cards)
Wesley Wright (2 cards)
Yordany Ramirez (2 cards)
Ken Chenard (9 cards)
Kyle Middleton (5 cards)
Michael Johnson (2 cards)
Jarred Ball (3 cards)
Ray Sadler (12 cards)
Matt Sweeney (13 cards)

(Just Getting Started) (For those who only have 1 or 2 minor league cards)
Samuel Gervacio (1 card)
Brad James (1 card)
Brian Gordon (9 cards)
Osvaldo Fernando (1 card)
Mark Saccomanno (5 cards)
Ryan McKeller (2 cards)
Josh Muecke (6 cards)
Ryan Thompson (2 cards)
James Goethals (2 cards)
Jeff Mackor (2 cards)
Drew Sutton (1 card)
Francisco Caraballo (2 cards)
Beau Torbert (3 cards)
Christopher Blazek (1 card)
Raymar Diaz (2 cards)
Casey Hudspeth (1 card)
Bud Norris (1 card)
Sergio Perez (12 cards)
Rory Shortell (1 card)
Enyelbert Soto (2 cards)
Polin Trinidad (2 cards)
Jeff Wigdahl (2 cards)
Justin Tellam (1 card)
Greg Buchanan (1 card)
Billy Hart (1 card)
Chris Johnson (1 card)
Eric King (1 card)
Mark Ori (1 card)
Tim Torres (1 card)
Ryan Reed (1 card)
Orlando Rosales (2 cards)
Douglas Arguello (2 cards)
Corey Bass (1 card)
Kyle DeYoung (1 card)
Bryan Hallberg (1 card)
Reid Kelly (1 card)
Ryan Owens (2 card)
David Qualben (1 card)
Sergio Severino (1 card)
Chad Wagler (1 card)
Brandon Caipen (1 card)
Jhon Florentino (1 card)
Ronald Ramirez (2 cards)
Andrew Darnell (1 card)
Nicholas Moresi (1 card)
Colt Adams (1 card)
Anthony Bello (1 card)
Jason Dominguez (9 cards)
Kevin Fox (1 card)
Carlos Ladeuth (1 card)
Thomas Vessella (1 card)
Reinaldo Pestana (1 card)
Brandon Barnes (1 card)
Steve Brown (1 card)

Houston Texans (Also Oilers, and a few UH Alumni)

(The Legends)
Earl Campbell (681 cards)

(The Present)
Matt Schaub (630 cards)
Dunta Robinson (384 cards)
Andre Johnson (1,965 cards)
Mario Williams (766 cards)
DeMeco Ryans (453 cards)
Jacoby Jones (238 cards)
Amobi Okoye (386 cards)
Darius Walker (363 cards)
Kevin Kolb (884 cards)
Vincent Marshall (4 cards)

That’s the list of the guys I’m looking for, and how many cards they have to date. Granted, the odds of my getting all of them are slim and none, especially when you consider the sheer # of 1/1s out and about right now. However, I’m definitely willing to trade with anyone. If you want to drop me a line and let me know who you collect, I can definitely work something out. I won’t promise high speed due to work, trying to find a new job, and my other activities, but I’ll definitely work with people, and I’m willing to ship first, as well.

Here’s to happy blogging, everyone!


4 Responses to “Welcome to Houston Card Collector!”

  1. Joey said

    Its great ot have you joining the card collecting blogosphere. I now have a Houston Astros blog to follow to go along with a new Rangers blog.

    I have subscribed to your feed so I can keep up with ya.

  2. houstoncollector said

    Thank you, Joey. I’ll be going through my 5 3200 count boxes soon, and I’ll find you some stuff to trade. 🙂

  3. Joe said

    That’s a heck of a list man. Good luck. I also have a site for my Austin Kearns cards:
    about 3 stories down is a link to my photobucket page for the whole collection. Check it out. You may want to do something ike that as your collection grows to keep track of what you have and keep doubles to a minimum. And welcome to the card blog world!


  4. houstoncollector said


    Thanks for the comment, and I’ll definitely be doing a photobucket for the things I’ve got for trade (mainly just rookies, parallels and such) and a page with the cards I have / need.

    I /may/ scan in the better cards, although I don’t know if I really want to scan /every/ card in the collection. It’d be interesting, though, for sure.

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