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Free Cards for Blog Owners :)

Posted by houstoncollector on March 8, 2008

I feel like gifting.  And I have a lot of cards that I don’t really want.


If you’re a card blog owner, drop me a comment with what you like, and I’ll drop something in the mail for you.  Might take me a few days to a few weeks, but it’ll get sent out.

Once you get it, if you feel like returning the favor, random wax and Astros/Texans are always good.  And if not, no biggie. 🙂

If you’re a blog writer, or know someone who is, point ’em here!  Oh, and I”ve got some pack breaks to do soon, so keep checking!


11 Responses to “Free Cards for Blog Owners :)”

  1. Spiff said

    If you have any extra Texas Rangers I would be interested. I am sure I could dig up some Astros for you. Let me know. Thanks.

  2. houstoncollector said

    Sure, I’ve got tons of Rangers. You want current, past, any?

  3. Joe said

    You interested in Oilers? I grew up wanting to be the next Earl Campbell. Only I was smaller and slower. I also have a few Astros SP’s. Let me know and we can work something out for some Reds or extra Bagwells or Oswalts. The Astros are the only other baseball team I will ever use the proper name for and not make fun of. Love Minute Maid Park.


  4. houstoncollector said

    I’m interested in … one Oiler.

    Specifically Earl ‘The Pearl’ Campbell. I’ve got a few of his cards, but not many. While I followed the Oilers up until Bud Adams took them away, there weren’t really any players I loved enough to want to collect outside of Earl.

    I’ll definitely work something out with you, though, as I’ve got quite a few Reds from the early 80s through today. Going to add you to the blogroll too 🙂

  5. mmosley said

    I enjoy Mets cards, especially pre 80’s and obscure post 80’s. I am working on a complete Mets set, one of every Met. I will have a list on my site soon.

  6. Any extra Mets? I have plenty of Astros to send. The better you send the more incentive I’ll have to dig through boxes. I really need oddball stuff I don’t have to post on my blog site.

  7. Steve G. said

    I’d be happy to dig up Astros cards for you in exchange for some White Sox cards.

  8. houstoncollector said

    I’m actually going through things right now (while trying to get my collection logged again) and pulling some of your want list stuff 🙂

  9. Joe said

    let me know your email. I have some 1969 Topps Oilers, 1975 and all Topps from 1979 up. I bought a 1,600 card lot and only got 2 Earl’s out of it. I have a few Bagwells and other Astros but not many. Let me know at oljoe73 at gmail dot com.

  10. Spiff said

    I’ll take any years of Rangers. E-mail me with what you would like for Astros and I’ll see what I can do.

  11. houstoncollector said

    Will do. I’m about done making my list of Astros I have, and I’ll get you a list of Rangers. Granted, I’ve pretty much promised any Irods I don’t have to Joey at Squeezeplay, but I’m sure I’ll have quite a few Rangers available, including some Nolan Ryan doubles.

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