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2008 Bowman First Look

Posted by houstoncollector on April 17, 2008

I know, everyone else has already looked at these.  This product I’ll probably actually buy, if for no other reason, than to pick up on Prospects that might be worth trading off down the line for more Astros (and I probably have some from 2006 and so on buried in my boxes just waiting to be found again).

So let’s see what we got.  Gee.  Chrome Autographed Prospects…one per box.  Mmm…that might be worth picking up a box down the line.  Then again, with my luck it’ll be some dude that was drafted in the 18th round, and will never get beyond AA ball.  Who knows?

Autographed Scout Cards?  WTF.  Can you really tell me that anyone WANTS these, unless the scouts happen to also be retired major league players?  What a waste of a damn card.  Seems like there’s 1 AU per hobby box, but 3 per HTA box.  Might be worth the $80 or so one of those will set you back.

Looks like Bowman’s going with the standard two-sets-within-a-set that they’ve done since 2006, with 200 veterans, 20 ‘RC’ cards, and 110 prospects, which will also have Chrome parallels.  Oh, but wait!  Topps has found another way to screw people, by inserting autographed rookie cards as PART OF THE MAIN SET, numbered 221-230, available ONE PER HTA BOX.  That means one of the 3 AUs in that HTA box is going to be from that.  Which means, if you want a full set, you’ve got to either buy at minimum TEN HTA BOXES, or spend a lot of time on Ebay.  Way to fuck up a good thing there, Topps.

Looks like we get 4 prospects per pack (presuming Hobby/Retail here, not HTA), with 2 being normal and 2 being Chrome.  What’s nice is there’s guaranteed a card I want, as Max Sapp is featured in the sell sheet.  Wonder how hard it’d be to complete HIS rainbow?

Oh.  Wait.  Remember those autographed Chrome Prospects earlier?  Guess what.  PART OF THE BASE SET, numbered BC111-BCP135.  What a fucking crock of shit this is.  It’s a good thing for me that I don’t build sets of Bowman, but … for the people who do, they’re so totally screwed this year.  Watch.  Topps will pull this same shit in Bowman Chrome.  And then in Football, also.

3 AUs per HTA box?  Sure.  But one of them is the box loader.  So, those 3 autographs are pretty much guaranteed to be a Signs of the Future Card, an Autograped RC, and an Autographed Prospect.  And the scouts fit in there somewhere.

I’m not seeing how many parallels are in a box, but Golds are unnumbered, and seeded 1:3 packs.  Except in HTA, which guarantee one parallel, which will almost always be a Gold.  Figure probably 3-4 non-gold per HTA box if that.  So.  Will I buy a box?  Probably not until later this year.  Besides, why do that when I can go pull a box of 1998 product, or 2002 or 2005 …. for less?


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