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The Great Base Trade

Posted by houstoncollector on November 3, 2008

I would like to first off thank the bloggers who have me on their RSS feeds.  I’ve got more hits today than I think I’ve ever had before (28 and counting, currently).  

Something I’ve long since wanted to is to have all the base cards I missed out on in the 90s and early 2000s, as well as some 70s and 80s cards of certain players.  After some organization, I have beetween 32000 and 50000 base cards, mostly from 2006-2008, with a healthy amount of 1991-1992 and a bunch of mid-80s and 90s Astros cards that I don’t need.

So, with this in mind, I want to put the call out to all of the bloggers and readers.  I want your Astros and Texans (Players coming in a bit) base.  That is, non-numbered, non-rookies, non-inserts, non-parallels.  Just the regular ordinary base.  I’ll make a list in a bit to show where we’re at.  What I’m offering in return is base of the teams that you collect on a 1 for 1 basis.  I promise not to give nothing but 80s for 2008 product, or nothing but scrubs for say, Bagwell or Nolan Ryan cards.    Obviously, very rare base, like 70s Nolan Ryan stuff….doesn’t apply.  I’m not concerned with book value here, just not ripping people off.

So here’s the list of who I want:

Houston Astros (info in parenthesis are other teams they have cards for that I want)

Alberto Arias (Colorado)

Anthony Bello

Brad James

Brandon Backe (for now, and Tampa Bay)

Brandon Barnes

Brian Bogusevic

Carlos Ladeuth

Chris Johnson

Chris Salamida

Chris Sampson

Colt Adams

Corey Bass

Craig Biggio

Edwin Maysonet

Eli Iorg

Evan Englebrook

Felipe Paulino

Fernando Nieve

Humberto Quintero

Hunter Pence

J.R. Towles

Jason Dominguez

Jeff Bagwell (Red Sox Minor League cards also)

Jim Goethals

Jonathan Ash

Josh Flores

Josh Muecke

Koby Clemens

Kyle Middleton

Lance Berkman

Mark McLemore (2000ish+, not 1980s-90s)

Marc Saccomanno

Max Sapp

Michael Bourn (Philadelphia Phillies)

Mike Scott (New York Mets)

Mitch Einertson

Nolan Ryan (Mets, Angels, Rangers, other than the expensive 70s cards which I’ll have to trade better stuff for)

Ole Sheldon

Orlando Rosales

Paul Estrada

Polin Trinadad

Reggie Abercrombie (Either Florida or Tampa Bay, I believe)

Reid Kelly

Reinaldo Pestana

Ronald Ramirez

Roy Oswalt

Samuel Gervacio

Sergio Severino

Thomas ‘Tip’ Fairchild

Todd Self

Tommy Manzella

Tommy Vessella

Wandy Rodriguez/Eny Cabreja

Wesley Wright (Dodgers)

Yordany Ramirez

Probably a few prospects I forgot.



Earl Campbell

Andre Johnson

Matt Schaub (Falcons)

Dunta Robinson

Mario Williams

DeMeco Ryans

Owen Daniels

Kevin Kolb (Eagles)

Amobi Okoye

Steve Slaton

Donnie Avery (St. Louis)

Anthony Aldridge (Denver)

Obviously, the 2008 Rookies won’t have non-rookie base until 2009.  


Just drop a comment or email, and I’ll work things out with you!


2 Responses to “The Great Base Trade”

  1. gcrl said

    i would like to trade – i have quite a few of the players you are looking for.

    i collect dodgers – you can contact me at gcrl@comcast.net


  2. costanzasbrother said

    I wouldn’t mind working out a trade. please contact me at yerf@hotmail.com

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