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Rule 5 Draft / Collecting

Posted by houstoncollector on December 11, 2008

Well, the Rule 5 draft happened today, and the Houston Astros made a number of changes, adding Gil de la Vara from the Royals, Lou Palimsano from the Brewers via a trade from the Orioles and Drew Locke from the Dodgers.

Unfortunately, they also lost Rafael Quintero and Jonny Ash.  I know I was collecting Jonny Ash, so that’s a player that I won’t be collecting anymore.  But what about the other three?  Gil de la Vara appears not to have any cards, so anything he gets is likely to be a Houston card (or maybe 2009 Bowman of him in a Brewers uniform, since we know that Topps is lazier than hell on updating uniforms).  I’ll collect him as long as he stays with the team.  Lou has 29 cards from 2003 onward.  I don’t know if I’m going to collect him or not right now, it’s very iffy.  If he’s the starting catcher come opening day, I’ll have to consider it.  Drew Locke has 21 from 2005 to present, but again…it’s hard to decide with some of these prospects that game up through other organizations.  Granted, I collect Brandon Backe (started with Tampa Bay), Michael Bourn (Phillies) and was collecting Mike Lamb (Rangers), so I’ll probably be looking for all three.

Luckily, the only Jonny Ash card I have is a 2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects card of him, which I can just shift over to my rookie pile for trading later.  The problem with collecting prospects of a team is that so many of them change during the off season via free agency, trades, and the rule 5 draft that it’s hard to keep track of who is staying on your team.  

So far, my collection is losing Jonny Ash, Hector Gimenez, J.R. House (again), and probably a few others that I haven’t realized yet.

How is everyone else’s minor league collecting going?


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