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Tristar Show Report

Posted by houstoncollector on January 26, 2009

So, I went to the 2009 Tristar Winter Show, with the goal of trading for some cards and maybe buying some, but otherwise just looking around and seeing what was there.  I also took my ball signed by about half the 2006 Astros roster, to see how much it would cost to be authenticated.  

Turns out the ball with 13 signatures would cost $100 to get authenticated.  Since I doubt the ball would even fetch $100 itself, as the biggest signatures on it are Luke Scott, Chris Burke, Willy Tavares and Brad Lidge, I chose to pass.  I then picked up a box of 1987 OPC Baseball for the low low price of $5, with the hope of pulling a Nolan Ryan and Mike Scott for my collection.  I then wandered around for a while, just checking things out, picking up 3 packs of 2008 Contenders for $20 (and picking up a Limas Sweed AU and a Felix Jones /99 RC), and generally just soaking in the sights.  Vintage cards abounded, as did high end cards, and jerseys.  Oh my god, the jerseys I saw that I couldn’t afford…. it made me want to cry.  I also went by the Livestrong auction that they had going on, and wavered on purchasing a Nolan Ryan autographed card for $50….and wish I had done so.  I turned down an offer to buy my entire box of tradebait, because he was talking about 50 cents to $1 per card, and I had a few higher end cards in there, and instead traded a 2007 Exquisite Brett Favre quad GU /75 for a 2006 Donruss Classics Mario Williams AU /100, a Roy Oswalt GU from 2003 or so, and a Jeff Bagwell GU Bat card from about the same year.  

After an expensive lunch ($12 for a soda and burrito), I went and did some more scavenging, picking up some random Biggio and Bagwell cards and a couple of rookies for about $9, and then some Triple Threads and Exquisite and Ultimate base for another $8.  Then I hit another booth with some beautiful patch and autograph cards, and after a lot of haggling, was able to trade a stack of 6-7 GU cards for a Lance Berkman Autographics on-card AU from 2000 or 2001, giving me my first Lance Berkman autograph.  I then hurriedly hit a few more tables, picking up 3 more packs of Contenders which gave me a Matt Ryan /500 insert, an Eddie Royal AU, and a 3rd AU as well.  

Then, at the end of the show, I picked up a box of 2004 Bowman baseball and 2008 Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity for a combined $70 after tax.  Unfortunately, I should have gotten the Ryan instead, as the 2004 Bowman gave me 2 GU of no one important (Chris Burke is the only name I recall) and a sealed RC of someone I’ve never heard of….and a redemption for another from ThePit.com, which expired 12/31/2004.  Somehow, I doubt Topps will honor that in any way, shape or form.  The 2008 Longevity was horrible, even though I got an extra rookie card.  The one autograph and all of the rookies and rookie parallels were no-name guys, although I did get a Brett Favre parallel, and a Willie Parker GU.  It just felt….not very good.   I busted everything on video, and will upload that tonight.


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