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Various News and Notes from Upper Deck

Posted by houstoncollector on January 26, 2009

Well, thanks to the folks at Upper Deck for adding me to the mailing list, I’ve got a handful of press releases from them.  I’m not going to quote them, although I’ll link to them for those who want to read them.

First, we’ve got news about this coming weekend’s NFL Experience, and Upper Deck’s part in it.  They’re going to be there all three days of the upcoming weekend (Fri-Sun) and were there last weekend, with interactive games and giveaways, as well as the standard redemption programs.  Granted, this only does people good if they’re in Tampa, but I’m sure some of the products will be showing up on Ebay over the next few weeks.  The Buccaneer cards look very nice, admittedly, and I’m sure the Super Bowl-exclusive Matt Ryan and the other rookie cards will get buzz on Ebay, there’s just nothing here that excites me.

Next, we’ve got news on the first insert information for 2009 Upper Deck Baseball Series One.   The set features a number of ‘firsts’, including some which are very baseball-specific (first World Series game postponed, first Indian-born players to get a contract, and the first Asian-American manager), to more sports-related (first outdoor NHL game), to the obvious (first African-American President, first female candidate on GOP’s ticket, which is reaching, given Ferraro in 1984 was the first female candidate period), to the …. truly redonkulous (the guy who put together that insane Yankee Legacy set).  

Personally, I like that they’re letting us know ahead of time, hey, here’s our insert set, here’re the cards in it, and here’s the odds at pulling the cards.  It beats the hell out of the stealth inserts of 2007-2008, and here’s hoping that UD dosen’t decided to pull a stealth insert anyway.

Finally, we have news on the just-released USA Baseball Set.  The news this year is that they’ve cut the print run from 10,000 to 2665, which is fine, but they also seem to have increased the price, with early reports putting this set at about $150.  So a bit of good with the bad.  Now, here’s the thing.  I absolutely /hate/ sets with random limited things in it.  If you’re going to insert autographs and game-used and serial numbered cards, make it a pack/box/case product, not a set.  UD isn’t the only culprit here, as you have Donruss with NFL Playoff and also Upper Deck’s own NFL Rookie Premiere set, which admittedly, is only $10.  However, Mario has gotten a package from Upper Deck which includes that set, so we’ll see what he has to say about it.  He’s also got packs of Sweet Spot Baseball, and I’ve bought a pack from Ebay as well, so I’ll have a review of that product upcoming.

With all that, I’m giving Upper Deck a cautious thumbs-up on the recent news, and when Series One baseball hits shelves, I’ll pick up a few packs for my review.


One Response to “Various News and Notes from Upper Deck”

  1. […] concept of Historic Firsts was stupid to begin with.  Granted, I didn’t say as such in my first preview of 2009 Series One, but that’s because I was being nice, because they were actually telling […]

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