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The Next Insert Set in Upper Deck Series One Is…..

Posted by houstoncollector on January 28, 2009

…Historic First Predictors.  

Upper Deck is releasing nine predictions in Upper Deck Series One baseball, seeded 1:6 packs.  From the press release:

“Nobody could have guessed how 2008 was going to turn out, so we thought we’d have some fun and provide some thought-provoking predictions for 2009,” said Kerri Stockholm, Upper Deck’s director of Sports Marketing. “With the onslaught of news stories focused on the troubled economy, Upper Deck wanted to provide some hope and humor for collectors and fans. Who knows? Some of these predictions may very well come true.”

So, with that thought in mind, let’s look at the predictions, and I’ll give my guesses on when or if they might come true.

1) AIDs Vaccine Developed – 2020, at the earliest.  There is no incentive for any of the pharmaceutical companies to do this.  There is far too much money in developing things to treat the symptoms than there would be in any actual cure.  This would require widespread governmental support, and not just from the United States.

2) Alien Life Discovered On Another Planet – 2100 or later.  Let’s look at this logically.  There are three possibles.  First is, we get our act together and either send out unmanned probes that we can control from here, or find a way to break the FTL issue and actually send ships out.  This would seriously require collaboration between the governments of the world, I would think, over a long period of time, and is pretty unlikely.  The second is that aliens find us (or have already found us), but have discovered that we are too primitive and warlike to be worth bothering with, and are waiting for the first possibility to happen.  The third is that aliens find us, and decide to just try to take over, which is where things can get /seriously/ ugly.

3)  Dow Jones hits 15,000 points – 2015 or later.  This would require that it essentially double from where it is now, which would not only require our economy getting better, but drastically so.  New technologies, new sources of fuel, or something drastic would have to happen to cause this to happen anywhere near this soon.  If the Dow is at 9000 points by year’s end, I’ll be surprised.

4)  Gas hits 99 cents a gallon – Never.  Let’s look at it this way.  Gas locally was $3.50 or so at its highest, when oil was $100+ a barrel.  Oil has now dropped by at /least/ a third, but gas has not followed suit.  It’s currently at around $1.70, which is about half.  Someone tell me that the oil companies aren’t controlling prices.  Just try.  Gas will never drop below a dollar, and the oil companies will fight every step of the way in finding a new source of fuel.  

5)  First African-American Woman confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice – Unknown, guessing 2025 or later.  I don’t follow the legal system because it sickens me.  So I don’t know if there are any capable people out there, but beyond that, it requires someone currently on the Supreme Court to step down or die, so I’m pushing this one out pretty far.

6) National League Wins All-Star Game – 2012.  As long as the Yankees and Red Sox continue to buy their own All-Star teams, this isn’t going to happen.  More stars move from the NL to the AL than vice versa.  I just don’t see it happening for the next few years, although I’d love it to happen and then the Astros go to the World Series again.

7)  Chicago named Host City of 2016 Olympics – Not happening.  I have a feeling it’s going to be Tokyo or Madrid.

8) NCAA Adopts Playoff System – 2020 or so.  The big conferences love their money too much ,as do the bowl sponsors.  This is going to take a serious upheaval.

9)  At Long Last, Bigfoot is Found – The Year 9318 by the Zenubian Calendar.  Ha.

These are amusing, and somewhat silly, and I don’t have too much of a problem with Upper Deck including them as an insert.  How can it be worse than the Flight to 420s, Barry Bonds Home Runs or Mickey Mantle Home Runs?  Or, for that matter, Yankee Stadium Legacy?   Again, thanks to Upper Deck for actually letting us know about these things before they come out.  Oh, and the odds!  Thank you!


hp-bigfoot  hp-aliens  hp-99-cents


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