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2009 Topps Finest Updates

Posted by houstoncollector on February 3, 2009

News today from Topps is that 2009 Topps Finest has added David Price to the list of auto’d letter patches in the product, as well as more autographs in the Finest Moments series, as well as news that the redemptions will include refractors #’d to 199 and gold refractor’s to 50.  

The list of auto’d letter patches includes:  Conor Gillaspie (San Francisco), David Price (Tampa Bay), Gabby Sanchez (Florida), Greg Golson (Texas), Kila Ka’aihue (Kansas City), Mat Gamel (Milwaukee), Matt Antonelli (San Diego), Michael Bowden (Boston), Robert Parnell (New York Mets), Will Venable (San Diego) and four to be determined later.

The list of Finest Moments Autographs include:  Akinori Iwamura, Alex Rodriguez, Asdrubal Cabrera, David Ortiz, David Wright, Evan Longoria, Hunter Pence, Jason Bay, Jay Bruce, Jim Thome, Joba Chamberlain, Joey Votto, Jon Lester, Jose Reyes, Robinson Cano and Ryan Howard.

The patch autos will be on-fabric, so no stickers there, and the product carries at $50/minibox SRP with 2 miniboxes per box.  This is a change from the previously mentioned $75 SRP per box, which means I’ll wait and see what Ebay does on them.  Personally, the only auto I’d want is Hunter Pence, although there are some names in the Finest Moments autographs that ….don’t seem to fit.  Who is Asdrubal Cabrera?  What’d Jon Lester and Jason Bay do last year?



4 Responses to “2009 Topps Finest Updates”

  1. handcollated said

    Asdrubal Cabrera is a 2nd baseman for the Indians who turned an unassisted triple play last year. That’s probably his finest moment.

    Lester threw a no hitter.

    Jason Bay? Uh, he got traded out of Pittsburgh. Maybe that counts?

  2. Paul said

    The Finest Moments autograph list looks cool. The letter patches? Not so much… then again, I don’t like letter patches in the first place.

    I was a little bit interested when the boxes had a $75 MSRP, but $50 mini-boxes? I think I’ll end up passing.

  3. houstoncollector said

    DACardworld shows the boxes at about $87. I figure they’ll be between $75 and 80 on Ebay at launch.

  4. chipper1016 said

    why dont they have Chipper Jones in the FF Auto set. He had a great BA

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