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2009 Topps Short Prints

Posted by houstoncollector on February 18, 2009

Just when we thought that Topps had figured out that short prints in base products = EPIC FAIL, we get this email, listing the cards that have short-printed variations.  So, check yer cards, and throw ’em on eBay.

1 Babe Ruth New York Yankees OF
2 Pee Wee Reese Brooklyn Dodgers SS
10 Rogers Hornsby St. Louis Cardinals 2B
30 Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers 2B
44 Barack Obama United States of America POTUS
60 Cy Young Cleveland Naps P
66 Ty Cobb Detroit Tigers OF
115 George Sisler St. Louis Browns 1B
170 CC Sabathia New York Yankees P
195 Christy Mathewson New York Giants P
200 Jimmie Foxx Philadelphia Athletics 1B
205 Honus Wagner Pittsburgh Pirates SS
210 Roy Campanella Brooklyn Dodgers C
240 Mel Ott New York Giants OF
270 Tris Speaker Cleveland Indians OF
287 Walter Johnson Washington Senators P
290 Lou Gehrig New York Yankees 1B
305 Thurman Munson New York Yankees C
320 Johnny Mize St. Louis Cardinals 1B

Didn’t Topps learn their lesson in 2008?  Apparently not.  What’s missing here?  How about the odds on pulling one of the variations, or the print run?  C’mon, Topps.  Put this crap in a special insert set with fancy foil and numbering, and list it out.  Don’t spring this on us after we’ve purchased the product and are sitting here wondering what’s going on.

We get it.  You’re trying to get the base product more publicity.  The problem is, you’re making the set collector’s mad, and just proving even more that you simply don’t give a shit about anyone but the hit chasers, who spend all their money on the gamble.

(Note:  After a quick email with the folks at Topps, I’ve retracted the ending statement.  However, in exchange, I’m going to explain my reasoning, as I did with them)

This is the fourth year that this has done this to the base set.  
2006:  Alex Gordon mistake.
2007:  Derek Jeter, Poley Walnuts, the various Joba Chaberlain RCs, the picture variations on the RCs
2008:  Red Sox w/ Guiliani, Kazuo whatever, the upside-down RCs in Updates & Highlights, Kosuke Fukudome non-RC
2009:  The 17 SPs….and who knows what the heck is coming in Series 2 and U&H.
It’s beyond a ‘whoops’.  It’s gotten so predictable and so …. sad, really, that it’s almost like a parody now.  A lot of us were really excited when 2009 Series 1 came out….and no gimmicks that we could see.  And then we landed on Upper Deck with both feet when they pulled it with David Price.   And now this.  

One Response to “2009 Topps Short Prints”

  1. Paul said

    These shortprints bother me a lot less than what Topps does with the Heritage set every year.

    If you want a Topps base set and don’t want to bother with the short prints, you don’t have to… there are non-shortprint versions of the those card numbers.

    If you want a Heritage set, you have no choice but to go after the short prints.

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