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2008 Topps Mayo Short Print List

Posted by houstoncollector on February 19, 2009

More short prints.  This time, they’re in a set that we were expecting them from, so thanks to Topps for giving us the heads-up on these.

Here’s the list of base SPs:

Kyle Orton Chicago Bears 2
LenDale White Tennessee Titans 3
Justin Tuck New York Giants 8
Fred Taylor Jacksonville Jaguars 11
Ryan Torain Denver Broncos 12
Jake Long Miami Dolphins 14
Troy Williamson Jacksonville Jaguars 19
Aaron Kampman Green Bay Packers 22
Selvin Young Denver Broncos 25
Will Franklin Kansas City Chiefs 26
James Jones Green Bay Packers 34
LaDainian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers 39
Marcus Smith Baltimore Ravens 40
Matt Moore Carolina Panthers 43
Steven Jackson St. Louis Rams 53
Adrian Arrington New Orleans Saints 54
Matt Leinart Arizona Cardinals 58
Willis McGahee Baltimore Ravens 67
Fred Davis Washington Redskins 68
Anthony Aldridge Denver Broncos 70
Michael Turner Atlanta Falcons 81
LaMont Jordan New England Patriots 86
Todd Heap Baltimore Ravens 94
Jeremy Shockey New Orleans Saints 107
Heath Miller Pittsburgh Steelers 120
Brian Urlacher Chicago Bears 130
Calvin Johnson Detroit Lions 133
James Hardy Buffalo Bills 135
Plaxico Burress New York Giants 146
Terrell Owens Dallas Cowboys 159
Andre Johnson Houston Texans 172
Brandon Marshall Denver Broncos 185
Dwayne Bowe Kansas City Chiefs 198
Tom Brady New England Patriots 210
Nate Burleson Seattle Seahawks 211
Funkmaster Flex DJ 212
Warren Haynes Musician 223
Antwaan Randle El Washington Redskins 224
David Garrard Jacksonville Jaguars 236
Vincent Jackson San Diego Chargers 237
Carson Palmer Cincinnati Bengals 249
Laurent Robinson Atlanta Falcons 250
Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers 262
Chris Chambers San Diego Chargers 263
Eli Manning New York Giants 275
Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons 276
Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys 288
Brian Brohm Green Bay Packers 289
Brett Favre New York Jets 301
Anthony Morelli Arizona Cardinals 302
Kurt Warner Arizona Cardinals 314
Rashard Mendenhall Pittsburgh Steelers 315
Mike Hart Indianapolis Colts 316
Clinton Portis Washington Redskins 327
Xavier Omon Buffalo Bills 328

Next, we have the list of Autograph short prints, with the number of cards there are.  On every autograph subject, there are 10 cards signed in red ink, in addition to what is listed below.

Archie Manning New Orleans Saints 40
Eli Manning New York Giants 40
John Elway Denver Broncos 40
Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts 40
Tony Dorsett Dallas Cowboys 40
Darren McFadden Oakland Raiders 65
Colt Brennan Washington Redskins 65
Drew Brees New Orleans Saints 90
Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons 140
Sonny Jurgensen Washington Redskins 140
Sterling Sharpe Green Bay Packers 140
Chad Johnson Cincinnati Bengals 190
Fred Davis Washington Redskins 190
Funkmaster Flex DJ 190
Rich Eisen Broadcaster 190

Next is the list of relic short prints, as well as the number of them:

Subway Tokens
Rich Eisen Broadcaster 50
Hamilton Fish Secretary of State 50
George Gershwin Composer 50
Fiorella LaGuardia Mayor 50
Colin Powell Secretary of State 50
Norman Rockwell Artist 50
Eleanor Rossevelt First Lady 50
Theodore Roosevelt President 50
Jonas Salk Biologist 50
Henry Stimson Secretary of State 50
Cornelius Vanderbilt Entrepreneur 50
Rudy Giuliani Mayor 50
John Jay Chief Justice 50
Robert Livingston Secretary for Foreign Affairs 50
Herman Melville Author 50
Al Franken Politician/Author 50


Non-Sport Relics
Grover Cleveland hankerchief 50
Liberty Dime coin 50
Scott 246 – Franklin Stamp stamp 50
Scott 255 – Grant Stamp stamp 50
Scott 258 – Webster Stamp stamp 50
Thomas Edison stamp 100
Susan B. Anthony stamp 100
Annie Oakley stamp 100
Frederick Douglass stamp 100
William Cody stamp 100
U.S.S. Maine wood 100

I think the best non-sport relics are the piece of the U.S.S. Maine and Grover Cleveland’s handkerchief.  Thanks to Topps for informing us of all this information.


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