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Donruss Sold to Panini

Posted by houstoncollector on March 10, 2009

In two moves, Panini has gone from being a joke amongst older sportscard collectors who remember the stickers of the 80s and 90s, to one of the biggest names on the block.  First, they secured an exclusive license for basketball cards for the NBA.  Now, thanks to The Sports Card File, we find out that Panini is in the process of purchasing Donruss.

This brings to mind numerous questions, which I’ve sent to Panini in hopes of getting a response:  


1) What changes does Panini intend on making to Donruss’s online presence, specifically online redemption cards, presuming that Panini basketball cards will have those?

2) Will Panini continue to use the Donruss, Playoff and Score names for sportscard products?

3) Will Panini seek to maintain Donruss’s current NFL and NFLPA licensing for the upcoming 2009 football season, and onward from there?

4) Will Panini seek to regain a MLB and MLBPA license to allow them to produce licensed baseball cards going forward?

5) How does Panini’s ongoing acquisition of Donruss affect Donruss’s upcoming 2009 product (primarily football, with one baseball product due for release soon). 

This could possibly be a huge boost to the sportscard industry, and be a wakeup call for Topps and Upper Deck that is sorely needed, in my opinion.  Imagine what 2010 football could bring, or imagine 2009-10 Donruss Elite basketball from Panini.  Or many other options.  When and if Panini responds to my request, I’ll bring the answers to all of you here.


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