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Topps Now Offering Topps 3D Live Trading Cards

Posted by houstoncollector on March 10, 2009

Remember how the 2009 Topps ToppsTown cards have players on them, and we all thought it was nice to have?  Well, apparently, there’s a reason those players are on there.  According to Topps, they have signed an agreement with Total Immersion to bring these cards to life.  According to the video that showcases this technology, you go to ToppsTown and enter the Topps 3D Live section, select the player on the card an initialize the program.  Then, you hold the card up in front of any standard webcam, and the player is virtually superimposed over the video of you holding the card, whereupon you can play games on-screen.  

I have to admit, this is really cool, and it looks like it works fairly easily.  You have pitching, fielding, and batting minigames that you can accomplish, and the cards are seeded at one per pack in 2009 Topps series one and 2009 Topps Attax, so it’s not like the cards are hard to get.

Here are quotes from the PR:

“Our vision to transform Topps into a sports media company is well underway,” said Michael Eisner, founder of The Torante Company, which owns The Topps Company.  “With the exciting launch of Topps 3D Live, children and adult collectors alike will get to experience something they’ve only dreamed about, watching their favorite players come to digital life right before their eyes.  With the help of our innovative partner Total Immersion and its use of augmented reality, the physical baseball trading card is now just the beginning of the experience. “

            “Here we have an American icon, the baseball card, which has been known, loved and essentially unchanged since 1869,” said Bruno Uzzan, CEO, Total Immersion. “Marrying  augmented reality to the mainstay consumer product of the national pastime just feels right.  Fans and collectors have always felt an emotional connection to their cards, wanting to get up-close-and-personal with their favorite players.  Now, with ‘Topps 3D Live,’ that relationship enters an entirely different dimension.

 “Not only can they see these athletes in 3D but they can bring them into their homes, have the players walk around their desks, and even play a game of catch,” Uzzan said.  “Augmented reality gives virtually any product, the means to come alive and enthrall the consumer, driving sales and fostering brand loyalty. This kind of engagement — getting the consumer into the action — is what AR delivers consistently, across the board.

            “With 3D Live, Topps is continuing its commitment to innovation,” said Steve Grimes, Chief Digital Officer, Topps. “This exciting new technology is just one of several new things at Toppstown.com.  In addition to seeing their favorite players come to life, kids can now battle each other with Topps Attax, the new multiplayer baseball card game, collect and trade digital cards, furnish their clubhouse and backyard, get live scores and play fantasy-style games.”

Congrats to Topps for coming up with something truly different with baseball cards.


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