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Topps and the WBC

Posted by houstoncollector on March 12, 2009


I admit, I don’t mind the WBC.  I especially don’t mind that Roy Oswalt is in it, making sure that I need more cards to chase of his.  I mind even less because I have redemption cards for those cards as well.  This leads, of course, to two bits of news that came out from Topps in the past couple of days.

1)  eTopps 2009 WBC Cards.  Topps is selling 12 cards for the 2009 WBC, with the last four going on sale during the championship game (March 23) during a special 4-hour IPO.  The thing is, if you get all 12, you get a special WBC patch card for the winning country.  The catch?  It’s manufactured.  That’s right, you’re going to spend between $5  and $7 a card times twelve, or between $60 and $84 to get a manufactured eTopps patch card.  Do I even need to start explaining how horrible an idea this is?   Or how many of these will be littering eBay at $30+ for the next eight months, when they’re really worth about $10 at most?  Or how the secondary sales on these cards will nosedive, unless one of the foreign players hits it huge here?  

Don’t get me wrong, the cards look nice.  Seriously, though, these cards are not worth $5-7.  They’re not even worth $3-4, to be honest with you.  And then giving a MANUFACTURED patch card to people willing to fork over $60-80?  I’d rather buy a box of product, and get 1 AU and 2 basic GU cards.  However, here’s an image of the card, with the first four up for sale on the eTopps website right now.  



2)  Topps has also announced the first two redemptions in the 2009 WBC series, with #1 being Lee Jin Young of Korea, and #2 being …. Derek Jeter.  The cards will be in the 2009 Topps Chrome style, and are due to be sent out in June.  This …. I’m not so sure about.  These redemptions are one per box.  Generally, to me, that means semi-rare.  Along the lines of an AU or GU.  But these just appear to be normal non-numbered chrome cards, with one of them of a standard MLB player, if a star.  I just don’t know if I’m feeling the love here, even though I have /three/ of these things.  I may end up redeeming them, and then selling on eBay.  If it were me?  I’d have them be like 09 Topps Chrome, then have the same odds at having refractor, blue refractor, xfractor and so on, with auto’d versions as well.  I mean, hell, at least give us the illusion that they’re going to be something nice out of this.  There’s a reason that at last look these redemptions are going for under $5 on eBay.  


I’m just not sure about this one, guys.  It feels like they’re taking ideas that could have been really cool, and making them into Just Another Crappy Idea.   What do you think?


2 Responses to “Topps and the WBC”

  1. Paul said

    What’s the problem with the manufactured patch bonus for buying the full set of eTopps cards? They normally charge $5-$7 for the cards anyway, so I thought it was pretty neat that they’d do some sort of bonus for buying the full set.

    The redemption cards should be serial numbered at least, I’ll grant you.

  2. houstoncollector said

    Because, to be honest, manufactured patch cards are ass. They’re never a good idea, and further show that GUs are watered down ideas to begin with.

    Second, eTopps is massively overpriced to begin with, and rarely hold their value for any length of time unless you have a hot RC.

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