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2009 TriStar PROJections Preview

Posted by houstoncollector on March 16, 2009

Following in the steps of … well, a lot of other bloggers, I made the leap to contact Tristar, and now I’m on the mailing list for them as well, as they join Topps and Upper Deck at helping to provide news to all of you out there in the blogosphere.  

Today, I’ve got the sales sheets for 2009 TriStar PROJections Series One, which hits stores today.  This is a minor league product, although it’s officially licensed by Minor League Baseball, which to me puts it a step above Donruss Elite Extra Edition and Donruss Threads.  Boxes of this product are 20 packs with 5 cards a pack.  Now, Tristar is claiming 9 ‘hits’ a box, although it’s four autographs a box and one GU, with the other four ‘hits’ being parallels.  Still, that’s presumably almost 1:2 for something other than base, and that’s not including any inserts.  Boxes are running about $80 on Blowout Cards, which means you can probably find packs in the hobby stores at about $4-5 each.  

All of the parallels are numbered to 50 or less, which is a good thing in the era of unlimited parallels.  There are only four levels of parallels for the base cards and the autographs, and only the GU have more than 50, with the base level of those sitting at /144.   Tristar’s also including Tristar Obak preview cards of Tim Beckham, two per case, with one being a normal one while the other is a T212 Mini.  The other thing going for this Tristar release is that it’s fairly limited, with only 75 cases produced, which they’re claiming is sold out at this point.

The checklists for the product are available here (for the base and autographs) and here (for the game-used).  Info on the Obak set is also available here, for those interested.  As far as the checklists go, I’m interested in finding cards of Mark Ori, but he’s the only Astro in the set, so I won’t be buying the product.  However, the set does include autographs of Jarrod Parker, Matt Wieters and Rick Porcello, so there’s some decent quality to the checklist.  Time will tell if this product has any secondary interest, as minor league products rarely do, although that’s probably better for the player collectors among us, as we can pick up singles relatively cheap if there’s little interest on eBay.

44-ori  41-porcello  36-laporta  002f


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