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2009 Topps Magic Football Preview

Posted by houstoncollector on March 19, 2009

Admittedly, I’m not a student of football card history, so this one was a surprise when I saw it on one of my sites this evening.  Topps is bringing back the 1951 Topps Magic brand for another retro set.  I’m not sure if it’s replacing Mayo on the chart for 2009, or what’s going on with this, but here’s the basics of the set:  250 cards, 200 of which are rookies, veterans and legends, and 50 are short-prints (presuming #201-250).  Here’s the twist:  Each of the 250 subjects of the sets have autographs.  This makes for one of the largest autograph sets of all time, if not the largest.   There’s going to be 8 cards a pack, with one of them being a mini in the style of 1951 Magic, at 2 1/6″ by 2 15/16″, although there are black-bordered minis as well.  Each box is going to have three autographs, with a chance of dual or triple autos numbered to 25 and a series of 1948 Autographs, which feature players including Jim Brown, Dan Marino, Adrian Peterson and Terry Bradshaw in the 1948 Magic style, numbered to 10.

There’s also going to be 11 inserts per box, and 1951 Magic buyback cards (hopefully without huge freaking stamps on them).   I’m presuming Topps has it set up to where you’ll get at least one rookie or semi-good auto per box, but it’d suck if your three autos were, say, Ty Law, Craig “Buster” Davis, and P.J. Daniels.   Oh.  One more very important thing.  These cards feature all of the players in their college uniforms, which will incense some people, and make others very happy.  Personally, I don’t care about the uniform, and since this product doesn’t feature game used (THANK GOD), this could be very interesting.  Personally, looking at the checklist, I’m wanting cards of Donnie Avery, Kevin Kolb, Mario Williams, Matt Schaub, DeMeco Ryans, Steve Slaton and whoever the Texans draft this year that I decide to collect.  I do have to ask what Topps is smoking to not have the best receiver in the NFL in the set, as Andre Johnson is suspiciously absent.  

Beyond that, there are three duals that I’m interested in, one triple auto, and one 1948 auto.  Not that I’ll get most of them, of course, but it’s nice to want.  I don’t have information yet about when this is due out or the pricing, but I’ll definitely ask Topps for this, as well as some card images.

Here’s some links, also:  Sales Sheet  – Checklist


3 Responses to “2009 Topps Magic Football Preview”

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  3. lbudme said

    i really like this set. thanks for the review.

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