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2009 Upper Deck Football Preview

Posted by houstoncollector on April 9, 2009

I know that Beckett got this out a couple of weeks ago, but in case you refuse to go there, here’s a preview of 2009 Upper Deck Football.

The set consists of 325 cards, with 200 base, 100 RCs, and 25 short-printed RCs.  Each pack (presuming hobby here) is 20 cards, with 16 packs a box and 12 boxes per case.  I also presume the retail will be 18 cards a pack.  Inserts include Same Day Signatures (It says Hand Signed, which I’m taking to mean ‘on-card’), Premier Auto Rookie Jersey, Premier Penmanship, Iconic Cuts and Lenticular 3D Stars. 

Each box will average one autograph, three memorabilia, two Lenticular 3D Stars and 64 rookie card, with the short-prints falling 4 per box.  The Iconic Cuts, Premier Penmanship and Same Day Signature cards are one each per case.  

The cards look similar (of course) to the 2009 baseball base set, which isn’t a bad thing.    

Update:  I just got an email from Upper Deck with the following information:

Please note, the rookies will be in their pro uniforms.  Also, we will be injecting the Premier brand into the base Upper Deck product for 2009 so those cards should provide some great new value in the product.

Personally, I agree with this.  I’d rather have Sweet Spot and Premier as insert sets in other product than having them be sets of themselves, that fewer people chase.  I’m not sure on the odds of the Premier Auto Rookie Jersey, but I would presume that they’re perhaps more rare than the rest.  Pictures are below:

2009-ud-eli-manning-base 2009-ud-star-rookie-stafford  2009-ud-game-jersey-tomlinson  2009-ud-rookie-jersey-crabtree  2009-ud-signature-shots-romo  2009-ud-premier-rookie-sanchez


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