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Upper Deck Invades Facebook

Posted by houstoncollector on April 9, 2009

News from Upper Deck which came late last night was that they have set up a new Facebook page for their products, which can be found by searching for Upper Deck, and choosing the one that has over 100 fans.  

Here’s some information I was able to pull from there today:

Bat Barrels for inclusion in 2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot

3108_64691428950_61698633950_1797891_3429976_n 3108_64691418950_61698633950_1797890_2780135_n 3108_64691413950_61698633950_1797889_2353033_n

2009 SPx Koji Uehara Redemption (English and Japanese)

3108_64690523950_61698633950_1797875_2288602_n  3108_64690518950_61698633950_1797874_3705872_n

Various 2009 Upper Deck Draft Edition Previews

2631_61738948950_61698633950_1764577_3206618_n1 3108_64689383950_61698633950_1797866_3175921_n 3108_64689373950_61698633950_1797864_4496601_n 3108_64689353950_61698633950_1797861_1227757_n 2631_61739068950_61698633950_1764595_7146790_n 2631_61739063950_61698633950_1764594_3495667_n 2631_61739058950_61698633950_1764593_2099476_n 2631_61739053950_61698633950_1764592_1097085_n 2631_61739003950_61698633950_1764586_1633972_n 2631_61738983950_61698633950_1764583_1772159_n 2631_61738978950_61698633950_1764582_5598664_n 2631_61738973950_61698633950_1764581_3706199_n 

I have to say, I like how the cards look, and especially like the on-card autos.


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