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2009 Donruss Rookies & Stars Preview

Posted by houstoncollector on April 24, 2009

While searching the web this morning, I came across the sales sheet for 2009 Leaf Rookies & Stars, and thought I’d give everyone a quick update on this product.    First is the name change, shifting from the normal Leaf Rookies & Stars to Donruss Rookies & Stars.  This product comes out on August 5, 2009 with a SRP of $4 a pack.  There’ll be the standard 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack, and 12 boxes per case.  Each box will come with 4 auto or GU cards, 4 rookies, 4 parallels, and 4 other inserts.  This leads, honestly, to the first problem with this product.  When you’re paying 80 cents per card, you should never have a pack where there’s not at least an insert.  Paying $4, or in most hobby shops, $5 to 6 per pack, and getting nothing but base is a bad concept, and is one of the reasons why people don’t buy single packs.  

In retail, you’re going to be paying $2 for the same product with 5 cards per pack with only 1 AU/GU per 24 packs on average, probably, and even then, it’s not very excusable.  This product needs something in every pack.  

One of the things that Panini is doing this year is signed embroidered NFL and college patch cards, signed by the rookies.  While the concept of these are nice, I almost guarantee you that they’ll be manufactured (why else call them embroidered), and I’d be willing to bet that this product was designed before Panini bought Donruss.  They’ll also have dual signature patch cards for both NFL and college varieties, and prime patches in the inserts.   

The set consists of 100 base cards, 15 Elements cards, and 85 rookie cards numbered to 999. From the look of it, all 200 cards will have signature and numbered parallel versions, which means that even if 2 of each box is an autograph, the odds on getting a junk auto are high.  The rest of the product packs out pretty much as expected for Rookies & Stars, with the standard inserts and other addins.  Expect boxes of this to run around $75-90 each when they hit.  A few card images are visible in the sales sheet, which is available here.    I’m going to try to contact Panini today to see if I can get a press contact, and get more card images.


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