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Upper Deck / Razor

Posted by houstoncollector on May 8, 2009

I’ve been leery of making any comments on this, for the simple reason that I don’t really have any information to go on.  You guys know by now that I’m not afraid of calling it like I see it.  I’ve had a number of conversations with Chris at Upper Deck when he’s had an issue with something I’ve said here, and I’ve always been willing to back up my stance fairly, and have offered apologies and made edits here where required.

I’m not sponsored by any company, and probably won’t see that change, because I’m simply not big enough in the scheme of things, having about 1% of the readers that Mario has.    I do appreciate getting press releases from Tristar, Topps and Upper Deck, but not at the cost of my integrity.  When Mario released this information, I knew it  was going to send shockwaves through the blogosphere.  I also knew, even before I sent Chris an email, that Upper Deck wasn’t going to have a response, and I’m right, as I received a solid ‘No comment’ to my email.   Brian from Razor has yet to respond to any email I’ve sent him (and I’m sending monthly emails to all of the companies I don’t have contact with yet), so I have nothing to go on there either.

However, the only real issue with this is one of transparency, and that’s something I’ve called Beckett out for more than once.  The fact that Razor and Upper Deck are separate companies isn’t up for dispute.  Here’s the question, though:  If the memo is true, is Richard McWilliam fronting his own money to float Razor, or is he floating Upper Deck’s?  If it’s his own, then it’s just a conflict of interest on his part, but not so much given that Upper Deck and Razor have not directly conflicted on products, to date, as far as I can tell.

However, if he’s floating Upper Deck’s, then it becomes more of an issue simply because of Upper Deck’s investors’ money being used without their knowledge.  Of course, without any word from either of the companies, this honestly starts smelling more and more like week-old fish.  Until the truth is known, though, I cannot pass judgement.  Public opinion, on the other hand, won’t wait for that.  Upper Deck and Razor need to come out with the truth to either prove that the memo is false and squash it before it takes a life of its own, or they need to come out and admit to what happened, and silence everyone.  

Time to clear the air, folks.


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