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2009 Upper Deck Icons Baseball Preview

Posted by houstoncollector on May 14, 2009

Upper Deck has put up some pictures of the upcoming 2009 Icons baseball product …. and well, let me let the pictures speak for themselves:


4311_75063943950_61698633950_1946865_2907646_n 4311_75063948950_61698633950_1946866_7496877_n 4311_75063953950_61698633950_1946867_705668_n 4311_75063958950_61698633950_1946868_3336097_n  4311_75063963950_61698633950_1946869_2119900_n 4311_75063968950_61698633950_1946870_7099921_n


Wow.  Um..


Let’s start with the base card, and the autographed rookie variant.  First, I do like that they have a separate place for the signature on-card as well as the overall look of the bottom.  That being said?  The overall look of the name on the side, and as far as the base design goes is just ugly as hell.  I mean…stats on the front and two pictures, and blocking the main photo?  All that does is draw the attention away from the picture itself, and that’s never a good sign.

Next, we have the lettermen.  First, these are manufactured lettermen, with no signature.  Didn’t Upper Deck learn a lesson from Topps?  Obviously not.  And they’re throwing 2 of these in per box.  At least they’re not counting them as hits.  Meh.  There’s nothing more that needs to be said on this, personally.

The game-used cards feature much of the problem as the base cards with the name and everything being on the left and bottom of the cards, drawing away from the picture of the player itself.  On top of that, the swatch is located at the bottom middle of the picture.  This isn’t bad in of itself, but if you’re going to have windows on the bottom and left, why not put the swatch there, and just increase the size of that window?  I guess this is why I’m not working for one of the game companys in the design department.  

Then to round it out, you have lettermen from non-baseball players.  This should have been left in Spectrum, or out of baseball entirely, IMO.  Granted, the point of the non-baseball players is to get more mainstream media attention by going, “Hey, look!  We have (insert minor Hollywood ‘star’ here) in our set!”.  Granted, it does somewhat work, according to sources at Upper Deck.

This comes out in July, and if it’s $100 a box, these are going to be crap, IMO.  Update:  Upper Deck dosen’t set SRP on hobby anymore (which I had forgotten) but expect these to be $9-10 a box.  So figure $80-90 a box for 3 hits and 2 crapufactured patches.  Meh.


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