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Ebay Done Wrong

Posted by houstoncollector on May 23, 2009

I’m in the habit of looking at auctions for the guys I collect, and I like seeing what all is out there.  What I don’t like is when people are retarded about things.  Case in point.  Nice looking patch, right?  Wait.  1/1?  No, try 1/100.  I don’t care what  the first number is, if the last number isn’t 1, it’s not a 1/1.  Wanting way too much for the item?  Definitely.  It’s a 4-color patch of an almost-definite Hall of Famer, but there’s no autograph, and it’s not really that rare of a card at /100, and to be honest, it’s not the best design in the world.   And you’re wanting $75 or best offer?

Dream on.  I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for this.  Oh, and you tried this once before, and got no bids then either?  And a 2-color patch of the same player from the same set went for $6?  Yeah.  Keep dreaming buddy, and keep letting Ebay take those listing fees.  How much do you want to bet the BV in Beckett is $80-100?


2 Responses to “Ebay Done Wrong”

  1. rastronomicals said

    Beckett shows it at 12.00, which seems about right.

    But if so, then why is my extra ’04 Mirror Gold Jersey Berkman /25 only 15.00?

  2. houstoncollector said

    The problem here is that Beckett doesn’t have a clue. It’s not a real-world value, it’s something they’ve pretty much pulled out of their asses. Ever notice that GU cards are almost always $8+ in Beckett, and routinely sell for 99 cents on Ebay unless it’s a hot player? The same for autographs. Beckett is clueless, and doesn’t seem to care because THEY! ARE! BECKETT! (300 voice off).

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