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2009 Score Inscriptions Preview

Posted by houstoncollector on May 26, 2009

I’ve been sitting here over the past few days looking at the sales sheet for 2009 Score Inscriptions, which is due out on July 22, 2009 at about $4 a pack or approximately $75-80 a box, and I’ve only been able to draw one conclusion out of this.

They’re ugly. This will include 2009 Score Football, of course. The base cards have huge amounts of white space surrounding the photo and jagged lines and edges…and it just looks busy. It’s not visually appealing, and does everything possible to draw your attention away from the photography itself. The sad thing is, those are the best looking cards. The Franchise and Hot Rookie inserts are even worse, with colors and lines thrown everywhere and different fonts being used willy nilly…it looks like something a grade-schooler might have designed, and it simply doesn’t work. It’s bad when the best thing in your product is the retro cards showing the 1989 Score design.

Product Stats: Each box contains: 3 autographs, 6 RCs, 4 parallels and five assorted inserts including: The Franchise, Hot Rookies, 1989 Score Reprints, Future Franchise, and Young Stars.

My opinion?  Buy singles if you really want this product, or wait six months until the boxes of Select drop to $40.  This set has never really been a good value, and Score this year looks horrible.  I’ve got a couple of the shots of the product below.

  Insc_Common  Insc_HRookies_RZone


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