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2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Is Live

Posted by houstoncollector on June 7, 2009

The folks at Upper Deck have sent word that 2009 SP Legendary Cuts is now live, although it was hitting Ebay a day or so before this announcement.  

Now, I’m not specifically coming down on this product, simply because it’s a product I’ve never purchased more than one or two packs from in my collecting lifetime.  From what I’m reading in the press release though, it’s 12 packs a box with 4 GU and 7 20th Anniversary Crap cards, but no statement on how many autographs per box.  You get 2 cut signatures a case, and one Mystery Cut redemption per case.  

The problem here is that you’re paying about $80 a box (or more) for 60 cards, with 7 of them being the crap cards, and 4 of them being AU/GU.  So unless you hit a cut signature (which, by the way, fall at 1 per 8 boxes), you’re likely to end up with $80 worth of junk.    I mean, you could end up with a GU of a Hall of Famer…worth $6.  Or a dual game-used with Nolan Ryan (which I’d love) that sells for $12.   The problem is that unless you hit something great, you’re not going to get your money’s worth, which is why it’s always worth it to just buy the singles off Ebay or trade with someone.  Even at $80 a box, you’ll probably see loose packs for $10+ in hobby stores, which is crap for 5 cards.  Note to all card companies:  Isn’t it time for a change in the way you guys do business?   This is a huge gamble, and even though the cards /look/ great, it just doesn’t seem to be worth it, especially in today’s economic climate.

Some images of the better cards are below, but honestly?  Don’t expect to pull any of these unless you bust a case (At $1200+) and even then, the odds are against you.  

SP LC - DiMaggio Auto SP LC - Ripken Auto SP LC Generations Mattingly-Jeter


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