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More Info on 2009 Goodwin Champions Baseball

Posted by houstoncollector on June 7, 2009

Upper Deck is really going after the A&G collectors with this product, and so far, the price is right, at around $60-70 a box in presells, or around $4 per 5 card pack.  If they can pull off a retail version for $2.99 this will be a solid hit, I believe.  Here’s the box / case information on what you’ll expect to see, though:

Box Break:
Two (2) Memorabilia Series cards per box, on average!
One (1) Hard-Signed Autograph Series card per box, on average!
Twenty (20) Minis per box, on average!
Ten (10) short-printed subset cards – including two (2) Super SP’s – per box, on average!

Case Break:
One (1) Entomology, Landmarks or Thoroughbred Hair Cuts DNA memorabilia card per 12-box hobby case, on average!

We’ve also got a number of card images, and if you guys aren’t following Upper Deck on Facebook, you’re missing out on some great product information, as well as contests, as I won a complete 2008 Superbowl set as well as a handful of autographed cards which I’ll be scanning in the near future.

4442_79520448950_61698633950_2008911_5293180_n 4502_82551658950_61698633950_2051405_849779_n 4502_82551648950_61698633950_2051403_1340157_n 4502_82551623950_61698633950_2051399_4544640_n 4502_82551593950_61698633950_2051394_4961212_n 4442_82157678950_61698633950_2047070_4523185_n 4442_82157693950_61698633950_2047072_2904858_n 4442_82157643950_61698633950_2047065_7203180_n 4442_82157638950_61698633950_2047064_3387724_n 4442_81521108950_61698633950_2040679_2767129_n 4442_81521093950_61698633950_2040676_1292335_n 4442_79857368950_61698633950_2014187_6520212_n 4442_79520628950_61698633950_2008933_825467_n


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