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2008 Razor Letterman Video Box Break

Posted by houstoncollector on June 9, 2009

Thanks to the folks at Razor, as well as Mario from Wax Heaven for holding the contest for the millionth visitor, I won a sealed box of 2008 Razor Letterman.  Below is the video box break, but before I get to that, let me go ahead and review the product.

Card Design: 6/10.  Don’t get me wrong, the letterman patches themselves look nice, with the autographs on-fabric.  However, the fact is that these are manufactured patches, and the front of the card has a very small space for the player’s photo.  The back of the card, which does feature the player’s photo, could have at least had information on the player himself, instead of just his name and the standard legal documentation about it being an official autograph.  Hell, it almost reads like a press release for Razor:  You have received an autographed 2008 Razor Letterman card.  This card bears an authentic signature which Razor guarantees as authentic.  Not only does Razor bring you authentic signatures, we bring you exclusive signatures.  Happy prospecting!

Price:  5/10.  Even six months after the product released, this is going for $66 on Blowout, which works out to about $12.50 a pack.  Given that it’s only one card a pack, even if it’s an autographed manupatch, there’s simply not enough here to justify the price.  Letterman would make a good hit in a different product, with say 5 cards a pack and 12 packs a box, and 2 of these per box.  Beyond that, most of the cards are not holding any value on eBay, other than the higher-end prospects, and those who have actually made Major League debuts.  Granted, this could be akin to Bowman, where when the guys do hit the Majors, their cards will skyrocket.

Hits:  8/10.  This product is all about the hits, and it delivered.  I received two parallels, one #’d to 20, and one #’d to 5.  While a 1/1 would have been nice, it’s not really needed here.  Also, I hit an Astro, so I’m happy.  The signatures range from very nice to …. almost lazy.   I didn’t hit any of the major prospects, but five autographs in general isn’t anything to sneeze over.

Overall:  6/10.  If Razor is smart, they won’t bring this back in 2009.  This should be a minor hit in another product.  However, if they can manage actual minor league jerseys in the product, this could be pretty awesome as a major hit.  We’ll have to see what this brings.  Right now, though, hit eBay for the singles of the guys you collect, if you have to.

Scan_1 Scan_2 Scan_3 Scan_4 Scan_5

The Hunter is 4/5 and the D’arnaud is 1/20.  All cards are for trade other than the Ross Seaton.


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