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2009 Topps Chrome Football Preview

Posted by houstoncollector on June 10, 2009

2009 Topps Football isn’t even on shelves yet, and we’re already looking at previews for 2009 Topps Chrome football.  Now, I’ve always liked Chrome Football, if for no other reason than it seems to be, at least over the past few years, the one product that has a decent reason to purchase at hobby:  Since 2007, the retail product has contained exclusive x-fractor and blue refractors, which meant that it was something that you could only get hobby, and at $3 instead of $6 a pack, it was a great value.  Now, I don’t know if this is the case in 2009, although I’ve definitely asked Topps about this, and I’m waiting for a response at this time.  However, let’s look at the product.

The product contains 220 cards, with 110 of them being RCs seeded at 1:2 packs, which will probably also hold true with retail.  There’s also 35 RCs with patches which are #’d to 25, as well as the standard refractor variations.  Inserts include Chicle, 1:4 packs (25 cards), Cheerleaders, 1:8 packs (13 cards), and Ring of Honor, 1:24 packs (1 card).    Base cards have Refractors at 1:3 packs, Copper refractors #’d to 699, red refractors #’d to 25, and superfractors.  Autograph cards have black refractors #’d to 25, gold refractor’s #’d to 10 and superfractors.  The inserts have refractors, probably #’d to 199, white refractors #’d to 100, red refractors #’d to 10, and superfractors.

The product ships in late August, and has a … . wait, what?  A $3 SRP?  Wow, if that holds true at hobby shops, there’s now no reason not to buy hobby on this, as it’ll be the same price as retail.  Personally, I’d expect $4-5 from hobby shops, but if you can find one at $3 and find boxes cheap enough, it’d be good to get both hobby and retail for this product.



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