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A Note to All Bloggers, Present and Future

Posted by houstoncollector on June 11, 2009

First note:  This is not aimed at any particular blogger on the internet.  This was just something I was reminded of today, and something that I think some of us either may not know, or may have forgotten.

While this is a passion for most of us, we need to remember that for the three major companies and four or five minor ones, this is very much a business.  While many of us are very informal in our blog entries and in some cases rather profane, there’s one fact that we should remember, especially those of us who seek information and product from the card companies, is that they view what we say here in a business sense.  

That doesn’t mean that you have to eat out of their hand.  Readers of this blog can easily tell that I have little problem being critical with the products when its warranted.  I remain in contact with all of the card companies when I’m doing product previews and releasing news, and my opinions are strong in all of the articles.  There have been times that I’ve changed what I said after discussion with the companies, because what they tell me might make sense, and change what I originally thought, because I don’t always have all of the data.  Sometimes, however, I respond with exactly what I was thinking when I wrote the blog entry in question, and backing up my opinions.  

I’m not telling any of you not to be true to your heart, and not to tell the truth, and not to dig for the news.  What I’m suggesting is that we remain professional and remember that we’re dealing with businesses.  They’re much more likely to respond to us when we remain professional than to screaming and yelling.  

Again, this is not a slam on any blogger.  Everyone has their audience, just remember who some of the audience definitely is.

That being said, I would like to take a moment to welcome Razor to this blog, as I now have added them to my list of companies providing me with product information, and I have an announcement tonight on my first product sponsorship, and it’s going to be a surprise to most of you, all things given in the blogosphere.  Stay tuned!


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