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Where Have I Been?

Posted by houstoncollector on October 21, 2009

So, I haven’t been posting for a while. One might ask why. More likely, it goes unnoticed, but I’ll explain anyway.

To be honest, most of the sets in 2009 have left me bored. I haven’t bought anything in a card store in over four months, other than a group break of 2009 SPX that got me a few game used cards, but really wasn’t worth the money I spent, which made me realize something.

For the most part, outside of opening wax, there’s absolutely no reason to buy product anymore. Every product is either a waste of money if you’re not a set collector (basic sets, possibly Chrome), or a complete gamble (anything else). Not only that, it’s a gamble that you’re almost assured to lose, no matter what you spend, unless you sell on eBay the minute you buy the product, and only if you buy the product within a week or two after it comes out. If you wait, the price will always drop. Compare prices of 2009 Topps Chrome singles versus 2008 Topps Chrome singles.

Beyond that, with my not buying product (other than a bit of 2009 Topps Chrome football retail), I don’t feel that I can really review products, so I haven’t been doing that either. Instead, I’ve been buying singles on eBay, including a case hit from 2009 SPx for $10 or so, and a number of parallels under 10. I’m happier doing this, and soon I’ll be giving away most of my cards, and trimming down to just my personal collection. I’ll probably buy cards in 2010, but if the card companies continue down this same road, and give us bland products that offer no true value, I’ll just buy team sets and singles off eBay.

Really, there’s little point in doing anything else anymore.


One Response to “Where Have I Been?”

  1. Paul said

    I really haven’t felt like i got value out of non-discounted wax in a long time. I like some of the sets that are being produced, but I’m also happier buying singles and team sets on eBay.

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