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2009 Topps Finest Football Mini-look

Posted by houstoncollector on November 5, 2009

Thanks to Guru on Blowout Cards Forum, we’ve got some looks at the just-released 2009 Topps Finest Football.  He also was lucky enough to pull what is probably the best hit out of the entire set, a Mark Sanchez patch auto superfractor 1/1.

I’d like to say, first, congratulations on the pull.  Beyond that, though, I really don’t like the concept of throwing this patch window on the card like that.  Cards with GU and Patch pieces really need to be designed around that, as it’s obviously going to be the focal point of the card, especially when you throw in an autograph.

That brings me to the autograph itself.  This card would look ten times better if Topps had used clear stickers on the autographs instead of these big white squares.  What’s the point of having using refractor technology when you’re going to cover up the bottom third of the card with this crap?  You can’t tell me that Topps couldn’t get people to sign clear stickers.  This is nothing but design failure, in my mind.  Finest is always a nice looking set, but this really detracts from it.

Let’s be honest here.  I’m getting kind of tired of the manuletters.  They’re autographed, which is nice, but good god, you can barely see the player on the card itself.  Why not make it a nice insert with a good picture of the player, and a spot designed for the autograph?  These are rarely game used and they’ve run their course:  Let them die for 2010.  Not that anyone’s listening to me, because the generally clueless masses tend to love this crap.

I like the design on the base cards and parallels, which makes me happy, as I collect those.  Blowout Cards has these for $87, and here is where you can snag them.  eBay seems to have them for about the same price on BIN, with completed sales running from $80 to 90.  Anyone want to pull me a Texans team set + my other guys?


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