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This is why I love eBay

Posted by houstoncollector on November 5, 2009

I know, I routinely pimp things I find on eBay. I can’t help it. Considering the options right now, I’d much rather spend $100 on cards on eBay, and get things I actually want for a reasonable price.  What I generally do is go through the list of players I collect, and look for the genuinely rare (or in the case of Nolan Ryan, vintage) items, and decide ahead of time what I’m willing to pay (rarely more than $20), and go from there.  Right now, I’m spending approximately about the money it’d cost me to buy 2-3 boxes of cards (about $200 a month), and getting quite a bit of very nice stuff.

What I’d like to do is highlight some of the things I’ve been lucky enough to win, which are now part of my Houston-based collection.

2009 SPx Andre Johnson Shadowbox /100 for $13.25 after shipping.  This is a case hit out of a recent product for less than the price of a single pack.  By the way?  These cares are beautiful.  I’d like to simply applaud Upper Deck for coming up with something that looks astounding and is highly collectible.  I still need to get a Slaton, and autographed variants, but those may take a while.

2008 Playoff Prestige Matt Schaub Xtra Points Black 9/10 for $4.24 after shipping.   I know, there are so many parallels and so many sets, that it’s impossible to collect them all.  Still, for $4, this is a nice pickup, in my opinion.

2006 Topps Chrome Lance Berkman Red Refractor 40/90 for $4.49 after shipping.  This is a higher #’d card than I’d usually use eBay for, but the red refractors were a pain in the ass to pull, from what I recall, so I felt it was worth the money.

2009 Donruss Certified Andre Johnson Mirror Emerald Reebok Patch 1/5 and Fabric of the Game 3-color patch 8/50 for $25.99.  Do I really need to explain why this was worth that to me?   These are absolutely gorgeous cards, especially the Emerald, and they always sell well.

1972 Topps Nolan Ryan for $5.65.  This isn’t in great condition, as you can see, but I didn’t have this yet, and it’s a good price for a average-quality card.  I’ll upgrade it when I can.

2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Roy Oswalt Platinum Proof 4/10 for $7.76.  A bit more than I really wanted to pay, mainly because of shipping.  I’m sorry, but $3.50 for a padded envelope is crap.

2009 Donruss Classics Sunday’s Best Andre Johnson AU/GU 4/10 for $16.52.  Best reciever in the NFL.  Just sayin’.  Now, I do want to slap Panini upside the head for putting a single-color jersey swatch on an AU #’d to 10.  That’s inexcusable and horrible card design.

2007 Leaf Limited Matt Schaub Gold Spotlight 3/10 for $2.49.  This was an easy buy.

2009 Topps Lance Berkman Silk Collection 42/50 for $0.99.  Shipping is combined with the following item, and these were very hard pulls to begin with.  Very nice product.

2008 Bowman Lance Berkman Red Border 1/1 for $20.43.  My first 1/1 of Berkman, so I’m very pleased with this one.

2007 Donruss Elite Matt Schaub Status 4/24 for $6.95.  Nice, low-numbered parallel.  I already had the base and the Aspirations, now I have all three.

Now, with Christmas coming up, I’m giving away cards.  I have three 100 count boxes full of the Los Angeles/Anaheim/California Angels, packed and ready to ship.   How do you get these?  You need to leave a comment, and show either a link to a post on your blog/forum/Facebook page linking to this, or put your Twitter username and follow me on Twitter.  The first three that do so get the cards.   I’ll be doing more boxes for other teams, with the same rules, and I’ll announce them here.  If you want to reciprocate with Astros and Texans cards, I’ll be thankful, but that is not a requirement.


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