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2010 Topps Preview

Posted by houstoncollector on November 6, 2009

While we’ve seen photos and information on 2010 Topps Baseball, now we have the checklist (Excel required), which includes much more information on what will be involved, as well as checklists for all of the insert sets.  For me, there’s a Classic Combos card featuring Lance Berkman and Mike Hampton.  Um….okay…..  Personally, a more classic combo is Berkman and Oswalt, who are both career Astros, as opposed to Hampton, who was an Astro, left, and returned.  Tommy Manzella gets his Topps RC, and Jose Valverde has a card (which I won’t collect) as well as Mike Hampton (ditto), but unless I’m missing someone, that’s it for the Astros, other than the team card.

The silk cards make their comeback as well, with 100 cards in the parallel set.  Now, Lance Berkman (want) and Miguel Tejada (don’t) are both in it, which makes absolutely no sense.  If their base cards aren’t until series 2, why the hell would a parallel of them be in here, unless series 2 doesn’t have silk cards at all?

Now we have our insert sets.  First up is a 58 card set titled “The Cards Your Mother Threw Out”.  Presumably these are reprints of classic cards from the past, and include cards from Mickey Mantle to Alex Gordon (reprint of 2006 Topps?).  Now, most of these don’t really fit.  I mean, if your mother threw out a 2006 Topps Alex Gordon (which Topps pulled in the first place) or a Tim Lincecum rookie….it doesn’t really fit.  Still and all, there’s a Nolan Ryan in the insert set, and I’d like that if nothing else.

Following this is a 25 card History of the Game insert set, which has Ryan’s 7th No-Hitter, which I want, but … not so sure about this insert set, really.  A 30 card Tales of the Game set is next, and these look very interesting.  The amusing thing is, card 30 is the one most of us wish never happened:  Topps dumps 1952 Cards in the River.  There’s going to be some Hall of Fame buybacks, which aren’t yet determined, which intrigue me if Nolan Ryan’s involved, of course.  Then there’s a 30 card Past and Present set.  These feature stars of the past with stars of today.  Now, it may be just me, but this set would be much more interesting and topical to me if it was stars of the past with up and coming stars of today.  Something about seeing Mickey Mantle and Chipper Jones, or Johnny Bench and Ivan Rodriguez just really doesn’t do it for me.  Nothing here to interest me as a collector, either, other than the obligatory Nolan Ryan card.

Next up is a 60 card “When They Were Young” set, presumably featuring child/baby photos of the players.  Lance Berkman and Hunter Pence are both in the set, so those two I’ll definitely want.  Next is a 50 card Peak Performance set, with stars from the past and present.  How you can have Steve Carlton in this set and not Nolan Ryan, I don’t understand.  I’ll skip that insert set entirely.  There are also 45 autographed Peak Performance cards, 10 relic autographed ones, 20 jumbo relic cards which haven’t been determined yet, and 82 relic Peak Performance cards.

There’s a 50 card Turkey Red set in Series one, with a Nolan Ryan that I want.  There’s a 10 card MLB Exclusive Patch program, which isn’t determined, and then Ticket to Toppstown.com with 30 cards, presumably replacing the Toppstown cards from this year.  Sketch cards make their comeback, as well as a World Champions subset of 5 autograph cards, 5 auto-relic cards, and 15 relic cards.  There are also 186(!!!!) hat relic cards, including four Nolan Ryan ones that’ll cost me a fortune to try to get, which means I won’t.  There are then 66 In the Name relics, which presumably are manupatches, with Hunter Pence the only one I might possibly be interested in.  Finally, there are 15 Past and Present relic cards, and a 1961 Mickey Mantle reprint relic card.

I just want to point something out here.  This is the problem with the card industry as it stands right now.  This is a 330 card basic set.  Given that it’s Topps, there’re Gold, Black (or whatever will replace them) and Platinum paralells.  That’s 330 base, and 990 parallels.  Then there are the 100 silk parallels, and 333 insert cards.  Then there’s a staggering 370 relic cards,  50 autographed cards, and 15 auto-relics.  Considering that this is the base set, this is really overkill.  I was originally considering buying a box of these, but given that there’s maybe 6 inserts I want, and only a couple of base cards, I think I’m going to pass.  C’mon, Topps.  Quit overloading your product with inserts and junk ‘hits’, and give us solid product.


2 Responses to “2010 Topps Preview”

  1. Paul said

    I miss the days of just two or three insert sets in a product. I tried to look at that checklist file, but the whole mess just gave me a headache.

  2. […] Tales of the Game comes 1:6 packs as well.  The 1961 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relics mentioned in my original preview are numbered to 61.  The manufactured hat logo cards are 1 per HTA box, and 1 per Hobby case, […]

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