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More 2010 Topps Baseball Information and Ratios

Posted by houstoncollector on November 16, 2009

We have more information today on 2010 Topps Baseball, including the numbering on some of the parallels, as well as pull ratios.  Presumably, all of these are hobby, of course.

Gold Parallels are #’d to 2010, Black are #’d to 59 and are Hobby and HTA only, Platinum are 1/1 and are not limited to hobby and HTA, while printing plates are.  The silk collection are numbered to 50, as they were this year, and are likewise hobby and HTA only.

The Cards Your Mom Threw Out are reprints from 1952 to today, and are 1:3 packs.  There’s a parallel of these with original backs, which are one per box.  The History of the Game are 1:6 packs, with Turkey Red being 1:4 packs.  Tales of the Game comes 1:6 packs as well.  The 1961 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relics mentioned in my original preview are numbered to 61.  The manufactured hat logo cards are 1 per HTA box, and 1 per Hobby case, which is a good reason to go with HTA this year, other than the fact that there’s freaking 186 of these things.  God forbid you want a master set of 2010 Topps.  Legendary Lineage are 1:4 packs, and the relic versions are #’d to 50.  Peak Performance is 1:4 packs as well, with the jumbo relics #’d to 20 and the auto’d relics #’d to 50, both hobby and HTA only while the regular auto and relic versions are also in retail.  The Yankee World Champions Autographs are #’d to 50 and the relics #’d to 100.  Of course, the auto’d relics are #’d to 50 and are hobby and HTA only.

The In the Name relics are 1 of 1s and are hobby and HTA only, as are the Sketch cards, which also are 1 of 1s.  When They Were Young fall 1:8 packs, and Ticket to Toppstown is one per pack, with gold versions falling 1:9 packs.  Finally, for retail both Wal-Mart and Target have Continuity cards, with Wal-Mart having 1951 Topps blue back and Target having 1951 Topps red backs.  Also, each value box will have manufactured patch cards, with 50 of these in total, one per value box.  On top of that, I presume they’ll have team sets as always, as well.

So, for anyone who really thought that only having one brand produce baseball would lead to less confusion in the marketplace, this obviously proves that it isn’t going to be true.  Looks like I won’t be buying much 2010 product either.



2 Responses to “More 2010 Topps Baseball Information and Ratios”

  1. Paul said

    Just forget that the insert sets exist unless you think any of them are nice enough that you have to have them.

    Of course, I’ll just end up getting the cards I want as singles anyway. I think I’m done buying wax unless it’s old enough to be marked down 50% or more.

  2. houstoncollector said

    There are a couple of cards from the insert sets that I want, but yeah, I might buy a pack or two. Granted, if they’re still doing that million card thing, it might make me buy some to see the buybacks.

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