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Trade Me Anything!

Posted by houstoncollector on November 19, 2009

Okay, I have on my site a list of what I have currently.  I want to fill my holes.  I have boxes and boxes and boxes of cards, both base, parallels, numbered cards, inserts, rookies, game-used and autographs for both baseball and football.  I want to be rid of them.  I’m trying to unload them on Freedom Card Board, but due to v arious reasons, it’s proving harder to do than I thought.  Especially cataloging the thousands of non-base cards I have floating around.

So here’s the deal.  Look at my list.  Find something you have of those players that you have, whether it be a base card or a patch auto.  Leave a comment with what you have, and what you collect.  If I can, I will match base for base, parallel for parallel, insert for insert, game used for game used.  I will work something out with you.  I want these cards gone.  I am quite happy to accept base.  I’ll try to get you a list of what exactly you’ll get in return, but that may or may not be possible.  I have to seriously sort through my boxes, and am having surgery tomorrow.

I’ll probably even give you extra stuff, just to get rid of what I have.  The only thing I’m going to say, up front, is the following things:

1)  I get paid every 2 weeks, and am horrible at remembering things.  Don’t send to me until I’ve personally told you I’ve put your package in the mail.

2)  For the love of god, don’t quote book value, or even sell value at me.  Especially if you’re looking at trading base.  This isn’t about who can make the most money, this is about a personal collection.  I don’t own a Beckett subscription.  I’m not selling anything here.  This is about collecting, not money.

3)  No, I don’t have scans of most of this stuff.  I’m sorry, but I simply have too many cards, and I want them GONE.

This is going to be a long-term concept, through 2010.  I want to be down to my 1 box and 2 binders of my collection by the end of 2010.  Please help, and thank you.


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