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Freedom Card Board and Box Breaks Contest

Posted by houstoncollector on November 30, 2009

Box breaks are an important thing to a lot of us.  Not only the bloggers, but Beckett, forum readers, people on uStream and Youtube….even people who just sit at home or go to the hobby shop.  We all love busting boxes of wax, and seeing what nifty nuggest of sweet sweet awesome we can find.

Well, I’m here to point out an avenue for doing so that has a chance of winning you prizes.  Freedom Card Board has a number of box break forums (baseball, basketball, football, hockey and even Nascar), and if you post your box or case breaks on their forums (helpfully linked above), you can win prizes.  Not only do they give away what they get from sponsored box breaks, they even buy cards from eBay and other places specifically to give away.  How easy is it?  I was chatting on their java chat app, and mentioned how cool the Brian Cushing letterman auto they got from their box of 2009 Topps Finest Football was.  The next thing I saw was “PM me your address, it’s yours.”  And it is.

They also have forums for general discussion, buy/sell/trade, guys that do group breaks, and just about everything.  Not only that, but FCB will have a presence at the 2010 National Sports Card Collector’s Show in Baltimore.  Personally, I’m hoping to put in an appareance, myself.  Now, there are a few things to note, and I’m not coming down on FCB in any means by this.  It does feel, to me, that a large number of the posters and collectors there are very heavy into book value and ‘sell before trade’.  That’s their right, first off, and again, I’m not coming down on them about it.  However, it’s something a new member should be aware of.

But hey, don’t let what I may say stop you.  Head over there and register for your own account!


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