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2010 Topps Pro Debut Series One In-Depth Preview

Posted by houstoncollector on December 7, 2009

Last week, I was able to put up a preview of the upcoming 2010 Topps Pro Debut Series One baseball, due out in March.  Today, we have a more in-depth preview, now that I have more details on the product.

This product will ship in 12-box cases, with each box having 24 packs of 8 cards each.  Each box will have two autographs and one relic numbered to 99 or less, with each case having three Debut Cut Signature cards as additional hits (or a 1 in 4 chance per box).  Each box will also have 8 numbered parallels, falling at 1:3 packs.  This will ship the week of March 15, 2010, and prices should be around $2-3 per pack, $50-60 per box and about $600 per case (granted, these are just estimates).  Interestingly enough, this is a hobby-only product, so you won’t see this at Target or Wal-mart.  Also, I just received word that this product will not replace Bowman, which honestly isn’t that much of a surprise to me, although now I’m curious just what Bowman’ll offer in 2010.

The set itself will consist of 220 players with parallels consisting of blue numbered to 199 and gold numbered to 50 and finally red numbered to 1.  Printing plates, of course, are also part of the set.  The autograph subset will consist of 12 cards and have the same parallels as the base cards.  There are 20 players featured on the Debut Cut Autograph cards, and are numbered to 100.  49 players have relic cards, all numbered to 99 with gold versions numbered to 25.  Those MLB logo patch cards seen in the preview are 1/1s of course as are the Futures Game foldout patch cards.  The Futures Game red-bordered patch cards are numbered to 5 and there are also flag patch relic cards which are 1/1.

Each box will feature 20 insert cards, with 30 Single A All-Stars, 30 Double A All-Stars, 30 Triple A All-Stars, and 10 Hall of Famers in minor-league uniforms.  The only parallels for the inserts are going to be the printing plates, apparently.

Now, looking at the checklist to see who I’m going to be collecting, I have the following in the base set:  Jason Castro, Ross Seaton, Jordan Lyles, Jiovanni Mier, and possibly Barry Butera.  Big hits on the autos include Michael Moustakas and on the Debut Cuts you’ve got Tim Beckham, although it does appear that all of the Debut Cuts are from the AFLAC cards that Topps created back in 2007, which I’m less than fond of.  However, no Astros have autographs, so I really don’t care so much about these.

Relics include some pretty big names including Kyle Drabek, Madison Bumgarner, Jesus Montero, and Neftali Feliz.  I’ll be wanting Jason Castro and Chia-Jen Lo, myself.  None of the inserts really catch my attention, although two ex-Astros minor leaguers are in there.  I don’t follow prospects much at all, to be honest, but some of the names that stand out in the base set include Cutter Dykstra, Tim Beckham, Pedro Alvarez, and probably a slew of others.  Cards 201-220 are TBA also, so who knows who might be there.  I’m somewhat interested in this product, but I’m less certain I’ll buy a box.  We’ll see, however.


2 Responses to “2010 Topps Pro Debut Series One In-Depth Preview”

  1. Paul said

    I think it’s a mistake to put this out with Bowman, but I will probably buy a box of Pro Debut if I can get it for under $60… I never felt that motivation with Bowman because of all of the useless veteran cards.

  2. houstoncollector said

    I agree completely. It essentially moves Bowman to a ‘third base product’ alongside Series 1/2/UH and Heritage/High Numbers. I’m probably going to buy a box simply to do a review, and then trade the hits for things I do collect.

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